Checking Out

This started as a requirement but it got into me. I actually liked doing it. I would go out and experience something, and would think Hey! There’s my slant! or I would totally blog this. I think that’s what rehab is really about, it has to get to you. It’s not about the number of days you’re checked in but the number of realizations you’ve made along the way. I know my entries haven’t been checked yet but at this point I’m really happy with what my blog has accomplished.

And so it has come to this. I’m finally checking out of rehab. I hope that you picked up a few things during our stay, that you learned as much about OrCom and Social Media as I did.

Don’t wanna miss me? Follow me. Tweet me. Poke me. 😉

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Whether You Swat It Or Not

When you hear a buzzing sound on your ear, what’s your first reaction? Swat it or let it? People have that tendency to swat buzz as an instinct because, for one, it might mean danger. The trick is to craft the buzz to a way that the audience would not feel threatened by the novelty of it. Creating buzz is not easy and the last thing you want is for it to be put to waste. Some brands are guilty of this, unfortunately.

Here are three failed campaigns and why they failed:

1. BP Spends Millions on Advertising in the Middle of a Crisis – I’m sure you’ve heard about the Gulf oil spill. This is a reminder that not everything can be solved by advertising. The fault of BP was they tried to create a buzz in the middle of another much louder (not to mention contrasting) buzz.

2. Kentucky Grilled Chicken – KFC tried to market grilled items on their menu for an effort to go healthier. Unfortunately, sales were disappointing and the emphasis on the healthiness of the new items put a bad light on their usual menu items. In this case, KFC created a buzz so different from their brand identity it failed. It’s like hearing a cat moo. They should have just renamed their company to KGC.

3. The New Coke – With the threat of Pepsi’s booming sales, Coca-Cola marketed The New Coke but consumers hated it. The mistake of the company, in this case, was they tried to create a buzz but the product didn’t live up to it.

As OrCom students, it’s our responsibility to avoid these booboos and create buzz that people wouldn’t dare to swat.

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I don't think Maslow has anything to do with this one.

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Pod you!

When’s the last time you listened to your favourite radio DJ? Last week? Last month? Last year? That’s just sad but I’d tell you, you are not alone.

Podcasting is not exactly a new concept to Filipinos. In fact it was introduced around 2004 but has only been gaining popularity recently.

A podcast is an episodic program delivered via the Internet using an XML protocol called RSS. Podcast episodes can be audio files, video files, documents, or any combination of the three.  Because podcasts can include several of the most common types of media, they can be used to offer many different kinds of programs. Any television or radio program can of course be transmitted as a podcast, as can any lecture, performance, or other recorded event (Apple).

Here are some reasons why I love podcasting and why you would love it, too: 

1. Podcasts are easy. Not the kind that would get crabs, you don’t like that. Podcasts are easy to make, easy to publish and easy to download. It does not require a bachelor’s degree in IT if you want to create your own podcast. All you need is a microphone, a computer, an internet connection and a good topic. If you wish to download one, on the other hand, you can subscribe to your favourite podcast and your device will automatically transfer and update podcasts on your electronic device. That easy!

2. There are countless podcasts available for download. Not only the number of available podcasts but the variety of it. You can download podcasts from virtually everywhere in the world.

3. Anytime and anywhere.  You can download a podcast into your electronic device and you can listen to it anytime and anywhere you want.

4. Podcasts are free. Enough said.

Podcasting definitely changed my radio and TV habits. Some of my favourite local podcasts are Good Times With Mo and Becky Nights. They’re so funny but most of all, they’re all in this tiny thing, everyday and every night. 😉

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Everybody is a genius. But, if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will spend its whole life believing that it is stupid. Albert Einstein

Hyperspecialization, is a mouthful to say and read but actually the idea is rather easy to understand. It’s dividing roles into extremely specific tasks so as to achieve a goal faster, cheaper and more efficient.

During our mums and dads’ time, job titles are very few but very broad. Job descriptions are mostly motherhood statements. But in a time where information are transferred and products are demanded in a hyperspeed, hyperspecialization was created. We must remember, though, that with the need for hyperspecialization, we also need people who are Super Generalists (Jeromeart, 2011). People who are able and are responsible for putting all the little tasks together. These people are the ones who would make sure that all the hyperspecialized tasks will fulfill a unified goal.

What I got from these two contrasting concepts is the idea of putting the right people on the right places and on the right jobs. So are you a hyperspecialist or a super generalist?

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Real Steel is the Real Deal

Disclaimer: may contain spoilers and/or bias.

Meralco picked the wrong day to fix our street’s electric cables. It got too hot inside so I went to my appointments (with my heart doctor then dentist) early. So I went to GH (surprise surprise) after seeing my doctors and brought my sister’s tablet thinking I can write outside while the power is still out. But that really never works, does it? I ran into a friend and we decided to watch Real Steel. Honestly, I was expecting it to suck. But here are five reasons why it doesn’t:

Boxing. Underground, bush-league and professional. Boxing fans out there should check this movie out because it has got a lot of it. Boxing does nothing to me before but this movie makes it look hot — at least if it’s Hugh Jackman doing it. 

Future. The set is in the future but it’s not over the top crazy. No flying cars, magic beans or time machines.

The Adorable Underdog.  An old Generation 2 sparring robot boxing his way up from The Zoo to The WRB. Atom is the epitome of a scrawny little underdog who goes from scrap (literally) to champ.

Cute Kid.  They thought Atom was not adorable enough for one movie so they threw in a gap-toothed eleven-year old who’s too witty for his own good. He even dances HipHop with the robot! How cute is that? (Very.)

Hugh Jackman. I mean, it’s Hugh Fineass Jackman. I think he’s even hotter with those wrinkles. 


So if I haven’t ruined it enough for you, you should see this movie! It’s hot, adorable and thrilling at the same time. Also, robots.

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True story. Unfortunately. Follow me until you love me! 😉

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